Vacuum Induction-melting Inert Gas Atomization Introduction
VIGA equipment is designed for producing spherical metal powders. The process steps involved raw materials are heated by frequency induction furnace and melted in the inert atmosphere.  It makes metal alloys remain in the lowest oxygen content. And the inert gas(like N2 or Ar) flows through supersonic nozzle to impact, atomize, breakup molten metal into  small droplets then solidified into spherical metal powders. 
The VIGA process has the excellent control over alloy powder compositions and low oxygen content. 

Electrode Induction-melting Inert Gas Atomization
In the EIGA process, the pre-alloyed bars are melted by high frequency induction coil under the inert gas protection. Then the molten stream falls into atomizer, they cross the gas flow and be impacted, be atomized, be broke up into  small droplets then solidified into spherical metal powders. Due to molten stream doesn't fall into refractory material objects like ceramic delivery tube or crucible and all the process is in the inert gas protection system at the same time, it could be guaranteed the high reactivity and high melting point metal powders to have the composition and low oxygen content requirements. 
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