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Aluminum Alloys

Aluminum Alloys

Aluminum-based alloys are widely used in the industry today. It’s mainly due to their lightweight properties- the proportion of aluminum is only one-third of steel. Therefore, it plays an important role in the lightweight of transportation vehicles. In the aviation, automotive, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding industries have a large number of applications. CMP's patented material ANC alloy material shows advanced mechanical properties, when at high temperature working environment. It could meet all requirements for every applications.
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Circle Metal Powder Co., Ltd and Anji Technology Co., Ltd Collaborating with Dr. Hung from National Cheng Kung University on 3DP Aluminum Materials Research.
CMP's  patented material ANC alloy material shows advanced mechanical properties. According to the research, the hardness can be 95HRF, tensile strength can be 550MPa and yield strength can be 400MPa. It also shows the great performance on rotating fatigue test.

According to the research in progress, ANC alloy material also shows outstanding mechanical properties, when at the working environment 200℃. The new aluminum material created by CMP has the potential to be applied to aerospace and vehicle components via additive manufacturing.


●Aerospace Parts   ●Auto Parts   ●Bicycle Parts  ●Hardware Fasteners  ●Heat Dissipation Structures  ●Electronic Conductive Materials
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