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Metal Powder Verification

Metal Powder Verification
From Laser Parameter Development To Mechanical Performance Testing
  • CMP is committed to putting customers first and providing high quality powders. 
  1. Using Parametric Modeling Software to generate 3D printing parameters and predict the final output. 
  2. Linear Static Analysis : Using image analysis by optical microscope to check the boundary uniformity and melting-pool depth.
  3. Surface Plot Analysis : Using image analysis by optical microscope to check the hatching distance.
  4. Contour Plot Analysis : Using image analysis by metallography grinding and polishing machine to check porosity.
  • Basic Mechanical Properties Testing : Tensile Testing At Room Temperature
  • Advanced Mechanical Properties Testing : Tensile Testing At High Temperature, Fatigue Testing, Abrasion Performance Testing, Electrochemical Corrosion Testing, Impact Toughness Testing

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